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Free Books from Smashwords

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Getting Your Free Books from Smashwords

1. Alright, you have a) a Smashwords discount coupon supplied by an author and have reached the relevant book's page on Smashwords or b) you have browsed S'words' collection of free books here  (don't forget to narrow your search according to standing of the book, price, length and finally 'category').   Getting your book is not hard once you know how.
2. Click on ‘buy’ and if you are using a Smashwords Coupon enter it now (not case sensitive)
3. This should take you to a page similar to this, the link is the name of the book in blue.
4. Choose the type of file you want.
5.To transfer from your computer to your e reader, I use Calibre  Open Calibre, to load your downloaded file into the Calibre library you can drag and drop the file on its screen or use "add books".  Connect your e reader to the computer and the "send to device" appears on Calibre. Of course, it is easier if you have downloaded the correct file (eg. Mobi for Kindle)
6. If you don’t have an e reader, you have a number of free options to read on your computer: Kindle, Kobo and others have free reader apps. Adobe Digital Editions supports better quality PDFs (as well as a number of other e- book file types).
7.  Or you could buy an e reader.  Kindle is the most popular device

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